Credit: Gyula Havancsak

Brainstorm – Wall Of Skulls

Release Kalender
Name: Brainstorm – Wall Of Skulls

Releasedatum: 20.08.2021

Genre: Heavy Metal, Power Metal


  1. Chamber Thirteen
  2. Where Ravens Fly
  3. Solitude
  4. Escape The Silence (Feat. „Peavy“ Wagner, Rage)
  5. Turn Off The Light (Feat. „Seeb“ Levermann, Orden Ogan)
  6. Glory Disappears
  7. My Dystopia
  8. End Of My Innocence
  9. Stigmatized (Shadows Fall)
  10. Holding On
  11. I, The Deceiver

Brainstorm - Wall Of Skulls

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