Kommende Releases

DatumCoverartworkBandname - Albumname
08.03.2024Ecclesia - Ecclesia Militans

Ecclesia - Ecclesia Militans

Doom Metal
08.03.2024Judas Priest - Invincible Shield

Judas Priest - Invincible Shield

Heavy Metal
08.03.2024Wade Black's Astronomica - The Awakening

Wade Black's Astronomica - The Awakening

Heavy Metal
15.03.2024Lords Of Black - Mechanics Of Predacity

Lords Of Black - Mechanics Of Predacity

Heavy Metal
21.03.2024Attic - Return Of The Witchfinder

Attic - Return Of The Witchfinder

Heavy Metal
21.03.2024Stormhunter - Best Before: Death

Stormhunter - Best Before: Death

Heavy Metal
22.03.2024Scavenger - Beyond The Bells

Scavenger - Beyond The Bells

Heavy Metal
22.03.2024The Wizards - The Exit Garden

The Wizards - The Exit Garden

Doom Metal
29.03.2024Rage - Afterlifelines

Rage - Afterlifelines

Heavy Metal
05.04.2024Pectora - Twilight Knights

Pectora - Twilight Knights

Heavy Metal
12.04.2024Riot (V) - Mean Streets

Riot (V) - Mean Streets

Heavy Metal
12.04.2024Vulture -  Sentinels

Vulture - Sentinels

Heavy Metal
26.04.2024Tygers Of Pan Tang - Live Blood

Tygers Of Pan Tang - Live Blood

Heavy Metal
10.05.2024Warlord - Free Spirit Soar

Warlord - Free Spirit Soar

Heavy Metal
31.05.2024Witherfall - Sounds Of The Forgotten

Witherfall - Sounds Of The Forgotten

Heavy Metal
14.06.2024Axel Rudi Pell - Risen Symbol

Axel Rudi Pell - Risen Symbol

Hard Rock