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Spasm – Mystery Of Obsession

Release Kalender
Name: Spasm – Mystery Of Obsession

Releasedatum: 15.07.2021

Genre: Goregrind


1. Intro
2. The Calm Before Orgasm Storm
3. Full Of Pus
4. Porn Boogie
5. We Are Gods Of Sex
6. Marturbation Never Breaks Your Heart
7. Dick-Tator
8. Garlic Sperman
9. Paranormal Sexuality
10. Perversion Is Your Freedom
11. Body Conjuring
12. Hymn To Hemorrhoids
13. Raised By Porn
14. Whip Of Chubby Goddess
15. Lick It Really Deep
16. Harvest Of Cocks
17. The Eye Of Vulva
18. Pussy Is The Most Effective Tool Of Love

Spasm - Mystery Of Obsession

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