The Tea Party: “Water’s On Fire” Videoclip-Premiere; “The Ocean At The End” erscheint heute

Das kanadische Rock-Trio, THE TEA PARTY, melden sich zurück mit ihrem neuen Studioalbum “The Ocean At The End”. Das Album wird mit Spannung erwartet und erscheint ab Freitag, den 19. September in G/S/A als Special Edition Pocket-Pack CD, als Gatefold 2LP+CD und als Digital Download über InsideOutMusic.

Heute feiert der Promo-Clip zu The Tea Partys erster Albumsingle, „Water’s On Fire“, exklusiv auf der Website des Classic Rock Magazin Premiere. Zum Clip gelangt ihr hier:

THE TEA PARTY Sänger/Gitarrist Jeff Martin meldet sich zu “Water’s On Fire” wie folgt zu Wort:
’Water’s on Fire’ is a song that I wrote in Australia, and essentially – here’s the problem in my life. I have had a few big, big loves in my life, very beautiful women, and very, very passionate love affairs with these women. But the problem is, especially with me, is that I become so possessed by my arts – my songwriting really is everything that I am. When a man meets a woman and falls in love, he does not want her to change. Sometimes, when a woman meets a man and falls in love, they think, ‘I really love you but I think I can make you better.’ Unfortunately with me, and I can’t be more honest than this with my feelings: ‘I feel no shame, walk through flames the water’s on fire, I feel no shame, I will not change, the water’s on fire. The truth there’s only you. You want the truth? You’re my want, my desire. But I feel no shame, I will not change, the water’s on fire.’”

Das Abum, mit atemberaubenden Artwork von Alessandro Bavari versehen, beinhaltet folgendes Track-Listing:

The Tea Party – “The Ocean At The End”:
1. The L.o.C
2. The Black Sea
3. Cypher
4. The Maker
5. Black Roses
6. Brazil
7. The 11th Hour
8. Submission
9. The Cass Corridor
10. Water’s On Fire
11. The Ocean At The End