“The Belgian answer to Watain!“

Artist: Enthroned

Album: Obsidium

Length: 40:30 Minuten

Genre: Black Metal

Release: 20.03.2012 (D); 10.04.2012 (US)

Label: Blackout Media

Link: http://www.enthroned.be/

Produced: Blackout Media, Brüssel (Belgien)

Band members:

Vocals – Nornagest
Guitar – Nerath Daemon
Bass – Phorgath
Drums – Garghuf


  1. Sepulchred Within Opaque Slumber
  2. Nonus Sacramentvm – Obsidium
  3. Horns Aflame
  4. Deathmoor
  5. Oblivious Shades
  6. The Final Architect
  7. Petraolevm Salvia
  8. Oracle ov Void
  9. Thy Blight Vacuum


It has been two long years since the Belgian black metal squadron Enthroned pleased us with an infernal orchestra on their ninth full-length album. The predecessor Pentagrammation was viewed with mixed feelings in the underground and many have surely wondered in what direction the musicianship of the band will go.

Rest assured that the direction taken on the new album is positive and surely inspirational. The new album Obsidium, which has been recorded in the self-owned Blackout Media Studio, opens all gates of traditional Black Metal: ignorance, destruction and hatred.

The listener is immediately pulled into the spell of the band through the diverse dynamics found in nearly all songs as well as the atmosphere created, such that it sometimes seems that the soundscapes on the album have been forged by Satan himself. The second track Nonus Sacramentvm – Obsidium kicks off with a furious ensemble of infernal atmosphere and pure satanic euphoria. Further examples are Horns Aflame and Petraoleum Salvia where the band always manages to combine the traditional black metal with progressive elements. The actual masterpiece of the album and runner for the black metal hymn of the decade is the final one Thy Blight Vacuum. In this track the listener experiences a new fusion of counted snare hits which pick up gradually in speed and end in a full blown blastbeat storm. For a long time I have not listened to a song in numerous loops.

If you seek out old school black metal with a progressive edge, you will not be disappointed. HAIL FUCKING SATAN!

Enthroned - Obsidium (English)
Conclusion: The Belgian answer to Watain! Highlights: Thy Blight Vacuum, Petraolevm Salvia und Horns Aflame
Rene W.8.5