Dan Baunes’s Lost Sanctuary – Lost Sanctuary

Release Kalender
Name: Dan Baunes’s Lost Sanctuary – Lost Sanctuary

Releasedatum: 14.05.2021

Genre: Death Metal, Thrash Metal


  1. Arise
  2. Open Your Eyes (Feat. Bob Katsionis)
  3. Temple Of Fear (Feat. Rasmus Bom Andersen & Jennifer Diehl)
  4. God Of War (Feat. Aliki Katriou)
  5. No Man’s Land
  6. Master Of You (Feat. Matt Mitchell)
  7. Lost Sanctuary (Feat. Doogie White & Chris Webb)
  8. The Arconite
  9. Virtual Hedonia
  10. Unholy (Feat. Herbie Langhans, Aliki Katriou & Jennifer Diehl)
  11. Rhapsody Of Life

Dan Baunes's Lost Sanctuary - Lost Sanctuary

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