Mike Lepond´s Silent Assassins: veröffentlichen neues Video der Storyteller Serie

Die Heavy-Metal-Bass-Legende Lepond (Symphony X) hat das Album zwischen seiner Tour mit Symphony X aufgenommen und arbeitete in Michael Romeo´s (Symphony X) Studio an dem dritten Album der Silent Assassins. Neben dem Bass übernahm Lepond auch das Einspielen der Rhythmus Gitarre. Lepond äußert sich wie folgt zu den Aufnahmen:

“Alan Tecchio (vocals) has been with me from the beginning, and possesses such an incredible amount of range and power that we’re always gonna work together, and just like Lance Barnewold (guitars), he will definitely be in a touring situation,” states Lepond. “Jamming with these guys is a no stress situation. There are no egos, there’s no bullshit, it’s just love of this metal music that drives us all, and I think you can clearly hear that on Whore Of Babylon.“ 

Die Welt befindet sich in der momentanen Lage in einem Wandel. Besonders in diesen Zeiten ist es wichtig sich mit der Geschichte dieses Planten auseinanderzusetzen. Wenn die Bildung dann auch noch in Form von Metal erfolgt, macht das Lernen doch sofort viel mehr Spaß.

Whore Of Babylon greift thematisch geschichtliche Ereignisse auf, die musikalisch vom epischen Metal untermauert werden, so Lepond.

“Years ago, I started to watch a lot of the History Channel, and something flipped in my head,” LEPOND explains. “I never wanted to write about hot chicks and stuff like that, so when I started to learn more about history, I knew that the marriage of history with old school crushing metal riffs would be great, epic, and powerful.  I wrote the first two solo albums on that premise, and this new album is another step up on that model. Vlad The Impaler and Countess Bathory? These are epic historical tales! Take the story of ‘The Whore Of Babylon,’ which in my interpretation was this demonic woman who seduces you, takes you to hell and takes your soul. Come on! That is some story, and it just matches up with this glorious music perfectly. All these stories do, and I hope that people will be stimulated into seeking more information and learning even more about these amazing figures. Epic tales go with epic metal!“

Whore Of Babylon Track Listing:
1. Dracul Son
2. Ides of March
3. Tell Tale Heart
4. Night of The Long Knives
5. Champion
6. Ironborn
7. Lady Bathory
8. Power of Steel
9. Whore of Babylon
10. Avalon

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