22: veröffentlichen Single „Call Me Trimtab“ und kündigen Doppelalbum „You Are Creating“ an

Mit „Chroma Key“ legt die norwegische Progressive Rock Band 22 am letzten Freitag ihre zweite Single aus dem kommenden Album „You Are Creating“ vor. Das Konzept-Doppelalbum erscheint am 23.11.2018 über Long Branch Records.

Seht das Video zu „Chroma Key“ hier:

Gitarrist Magnus Børmark über „Chroma Key“:
„Chroma Key is a song about our physical reality being in a reciprocal reflecting relationship with our inner world. Where to start if you want to make a change? It is lyrically somewhat inspired by Michael Jackson’s „Man in the mirror„, though our song encourages crushing the looking glass, and see what happens then. I also thought of this song as a good song to drive to, and the guitar riff was based on some tom-pattern that andreas (the drummer) made. The title of the song alludes to a rainbow, and how all the colours combined can unlock something bigger than the individual parts. Since light is basically sound at a much higher frequency, we have used specific colours for the respective instruments in „22“, so as to visually match what is going on aurally.“

Our colour indexing, or chroma key if you like, – has been like this:
Bass = Red = Root, Earth
Guitar = Green = Heart, Hub
Voice = Blue = Throat, Expression
Drums = Purple = Kosmos, Beat of the universe „