Swedish Death Candy: „Liquorice“-EP am 20. Januar auf Hassle Records

Die Psychedelic-Rock-Band SWEDISH DEATH CANDY ist das neueste Signing auf dem Label Hassle Records, auf dem sie am 20. Januar 2017 ihre neue EP „Liquorice“ in Europa veröffentlichen werden.
Des weiteren wurde die Band für das Eurosonic Festival 2017 in den Niederlanden bestätigt!
Hier kann man sich das aktuelle Video zum Song „Living Your Life Away“ ansehen:
Swedish Death Candy are a heavy psych four piece, with members from South Korea, Italy and the UK now settled upon their hometown of London, and whose finely honed sound is as  influenced by classic songwriting and proto-hard rock as it is the reverb soaked guitars and hazy melody of their peers. Today they announce their signing to Hassle Records, Full Time Hobby’s rock sister label, known for a diversity of artists from Juliette Lewis to Lonely The Brave to 65 Days Of Static and Alexisonfire. Hassle will release an EP, “Liquorice”.
The EP’s lead track, “Living Your Life Away” is full of tumultuous ideas and nagging melodicism, accessible and simultaneously a sure sign of their ambitious talent as musicians. “Heavy On My Mind” follows in this vein by stepping up the distortion with all the off-kilter hallmarks of John Dwyer’s Coachwhips and Thee Oh Sees, alongside the stoned, low-end tones of Kyuss and Sleep. But it’s when EP closer, “So Long…”, which clocks in at 16 minutes, does not drag nor outstay its welcome that you realise you’re in the presence of something special. Saving it’s most melodic moments for those final few minutes, the song twists and turns across its writhing lifespan, making for a thrilling ride. Fans of Tame Impala and previous tour partners Yak will find much to enjoy here, but so will fans of Deep Purple, Pink Floyd and even Cream. The loose psych feel throughout “Liquorice” meets progressive passages and hooky, memorable riffs that show a songwriting maturity far beyond their young years.