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Pentagram (Chile): veröffentlichen Video zu „Icons Of Decay“

Icons Of Decay is a bit of a departure for us, musically speaking“, erklärt Bandleader Anton Reisenegger. „I think it stands out as the most different track on the album with its slight Death influence. Maybe it’s an indication of where the band will be headed next stylistically?“ „The lyrics deal with the dangers of gender ideology, of which I myself am very critical“, fährt er fort. „I think under the guise of compassion and understanding, many children are being deliberately misled and confused. Of course it’s all dressed in a very medieval, apocalyptic language, so it might give the impression I’m some kind of religious zealot, which of course I’m not. It’s just my way of putting current conflicts into an obscure poetic language.“ „The video was done by Polish artist Chariot of Black Moth, and its dark, oppressive atmosphere and raw imagery fits the song perfectly. We are very satisfied with it and hope everyone out there enjoys it.“

Seht euch das Video zu Icons Of Decay hier an:

Icons Of Decay ist die zweite Single aus dem neuen Album Eternal Life Of Madness, das am 26. April 2024 bei Listenable Records erscheint!

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Pentagram (Chile): haben einen Multi-Album-Deal mit Listenable unterzeichnet und kündigen neues Album „Eternal Life Of Madness“ an

Pentagram (Chile) – Besetzung:
Anton Reisenegger (Gitarren, Gesang)
Juan Pablo Uribe (Gitarren)
Juan Pablo Donoso (Schlagzeug)
Juan Francisco Cueto (Bass)

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