Gwendydd: Time For Metal präsentiert das Tourtagebuch der Extrem Metaler von Gwendydd – On The Road In A Pandemic!

Tag 1

Wir freuen uns euch das Tourtagebuch von Bulgariens Newcomern Gwendydd zu präsentieren. Heute an Tag 1 startet die 5.000 km lange Tour, bei der die Band 12 Landesgrenzen überschreiten wird.

Die Band dazu:“Day 1 from our first ever tour outside of Bulgaria! You’ll see how we have lots of fun, how Reni reveals her talent for weird voices and overall what we experience on the road for the first time! Welcome to Gwendydd’s Tour Diaries! Our first tour outside of Bulgaria after the pandemic started with lots of action! We had to change the original vehicle in the middle of the night right before the day we were supposed to leave due to some problems, none of us had slept much because of the excitement but nevertheless, when we got into the van the party started! We didn’t have any problems crossing the borders for now though, which is amazing! We can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings!

Mehr zur Band im Interview:

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