Sonic Syndicate: unterschreiben bei Despotz Records

Sonic Syndicate unterschreiben bei Despotz Records.

Despotz Records ist ein schwedisches Metal/Rock/Pop Record label / Publishing company welche im Jahr 2007 in Stockholm gegründet wurde. Seither waren zum Beispiel Bands wie Raubtier, Thundermother, Crucified Barbara, Tad Morose, Beseech und viele mehr unter Vertrag.

Co-Gründer und Managing Partner Mr. Carl-Marcus Gidlöf kommentiert:
“We at Despotz have recently taken the label international and have locked in fresh new exciting opportunities in North America with Sony Red/Aisa. This signing further proves that our plan to work internationally, based here in Stockholm, directly with our artists combined with a strong PR/Marketing and distribution setup is the future of Despotz. Sonic Syndicate share our vision, we’ve already had a number of creative conversations and we’re looking towards an exciting future. We’re honored to welcome Sonic Syndicate to the Despotz family.”

Seit 2005 sind Sonic Syndicate in der Musikszene unterwegs und touren durch Europa, Nord Amerika und Asien. Ihr langerwartetes sechstes Album wird noch 2016 erscheinen.

Sänger Nathan J Biggs hierzu:

“As you could imagine we are super excited to be signing to Despotz Records based here in Stockholm, Sweden, we couldn’t imagine a better place to call home. When the possibility of us working together first came up with this modern, creative & forward thinking team we pretty much had our mind set that this was where we belong. This is an exciting new chapter for both Sonic Syndicate and Despotz.”

Sonic Syndicate is:
Nathan J Biggs – Vocals
Robin Sjunnesson – Guitars
Michel Bärzén –Bass
John Bengtsson – Drums