Folterkammer: veröffentlichen opereskes Black Metal Album „Weibermacht“

Die aufstrebenden operesken Black-Metal-Stars Folterkammer freuen sich, endlich ihr zweites Album Weibermacht zu veröffentlichen, das ab sofort weltweit erhältlich ist.

Sängerin Andromeda Anarchia sagt über die letzte Single Die Unterwerfung: „This song somehow combines everything that is Folterkammer: classical music elements, raw black metal aggression, historical themes, mythology and quotes from European folklore, portraits of cunning and strong women, strong contrasts, and provocation.“

„Folterkammer makes classical music, played by a metal band. Not symphonic music with an orchestral sound, more like a chamber music ensemble playing black metal recitals. Or as we call it: torture chamber music.“

„The music of Die Unterwerfung is strongly inspired by the classical aesthetics of the Middle Ages. Thematically, this song is about the old and well-known spicy story of Aristotle and Phyllis, which has been told in the southern part of the German-speaking regions since the Middle Ages. Since musicians are also storytellers, we wanted to translate this story into modern times and create a black metal version of it – and thus keep this wonderful old tradition alive.“

„What the story is about: The beautiful and charming Phyllis seduces, tricks and humiliates the intellectual, role model figure Aristotle out of revenge in front of an entire court. Aristotle is then exposed to ridicule and disgrace and flees. In a distant land, he meditates on the deceitfulness of female cunning.“

„This tale was written by an unknown court poet. It depicts the motif of the wise and powerful man who is seduced, humiliated, and disgraced by a cunning woman. Two German versions are known, the so-called Strasbourg version and the older Benediktbeuren version. We quote small passages from both versions in the intro of this song, immediately after an altered sequence from a popular German nursery rhyme at the very beginning of the intro.“

„There are various explanations for the popularity of this motif: one of them is that it is assumed that the depiction was intended to appeal to the public as a warning against the deceptions and temptations of women and was therefore particularly popular in the religious context of the time.“

„The motif of the superior woman who seduces, incapacitates and humiliates the wise man has been known in world literature since the 5th century and was particularly popular in Europe from the 13th to the 16th century. It probably came to Europe from the Orient at the time of the Crusades. The term Weibermacht is an official art and cultural-historical term for this motif. The d*minatr*x embodies this female figure to the fullest, which is why we have highlighted her in our Weibermacht album.“

„In addition to the textual evidence, this motif was also widespread in the pictorial representations of the late Middle Ages. Depictions have been found on everyday objects such as knife handles, combs, and stove tiles. Sculptures and façade reliefs in various churches and cathedrals have also been documented. In art, a variety of design techniques were used to depict the motif. In addition to sculptures, drawings, copperplate engravings, woodcuts, ivory carvings etc. are also documented. A concrete example is the woodcut Weibermacht (from 1513, by Hans Baldung Grien).“

„It is obvious that we have also been influenced by this graphic aesthetics for our album cover, painted by the one and only Eliran Kantor.“

Weibermacht ist das Gegenstück zum Debüt der Band aus dem Jahr 2020, Die Lederpredigt. Das neue Album ist eine weitere scharfe Mischung aus modernem Black Metal und klassischen Musikelementen, die dem Avantgarde-Sound der Band zugute kommen. Die Musik selbst wird durch die dynamische Gesangsarbeit von Frontfrau und Sängerin Andromeda Anarchia aufgewertet, die ihre klassische Ausbildung als Opernsängerin mit ihren Höllenfeuerschreien verbindet und so einen Strudel aus ätherischem Chaos heraufbeschwört.

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Folterkammer – Besetzung:
Andromeda Anarchia – Vocals
Zachary Ezrin – Guitars
Brendan McGowan – Drums
Darren Hanson – Guitars
Laurent David – Bass

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