Neues VÖ-Datum 07.07. – Powerflo Debüt Album ‚Powerflo‘

Powerflo ist die Vision von multi-platinum Cypress Hill Rapper Sen Dog, Downset Gitarrist Rogelio “Roy” Lozano, Biohazard Sänger und Gitarrist Billy Graziadei, Fear Factory Bassist Christian Olde Wolbers und Worst Drummer Fernando Schaefer. Eine Destillation aus Hip-Hop, Heavy Metal, Punk, und Rock. Diese Schallverformung schmeißt alle Konventionen über Bord und bildet seinen Stammbaum auf dem Debüt Album Powerflo.

When Roy and I started jamming, he would call my rap style to heavy music Powerflo. We were trying to incorporate everything that inspired us. In the process, we came across a sound we love. (Sen Dog)

Powerful is a word that describes the style. It’s when you’re spitting verses over something super heavy. It’s the only way to say it. (Rogelio „Roy“ Lozano)

Seit 25 Jahren kennen sich die Bandmitglieder nun und trafen auch musikalisch unzählige Male aufeinander. Bspw. auf dem wegweisenden Soundtrack Judgement Night, auf Biohazard’s State of the World Address 1993 oder Cypress Hill’s Chartstürmer Album Skull & Bones.

We have a really great vibe due to the nature of our friendships and how far they go back. Instantly, it just clicked. We have a mutual respect as far as what we do. Everyone was eager and believed in the idea. We’re all about the team and want to see each other succeed. (Sen Dog)

We all like to write riffs. We didn’t treat Sen like he was an MC; we treated him like a metal singer. I always knew he liked heavy shit. It came naturally for him to write over heavier music. (Christian Olde Wolbers)
These guys brought something different out of me. It was only a matter of time for that to happen. (Sen Dog)

Mit Victim of Circumstance veröffentlicht die Band einen ersten Vorgeschmack: