True North: Alternative Rock Band aus Los Angeles mit erste Single „Your Confession“ feat. Kellin Quinn & Musik-Video

True North haben einen weltweiten Plattenvertrag mit Out Of Line Music unterzeichnet! Am Freitag, den 11. Juni, erscheint bei Out Of Line Music die erste Single von True North – Your Confession feat. Kellin Quinn (von Sleeping With Sirens) auf allen großen Streaming-Plattformen, was gleichzeitig auch das Out Of Line Music-Debüt der Band markiert.

True North ist eine aufstrebende Alternative-Pop-Rock-Band aus Los Angeles, die bereits online viel Zuspruch gewonnen hat und kontinuierlich ihre Fanbase aufbaut. Die ehrliche Herangehensweise an Musik und Songwriting kommt bei den Followern an und überzeugt.

Zu der Signing-Ankündigung sagen True North:

„What drives us more than anything now is the desire to write and release music that is undeniably catchy and unique – music that we believe in and that we’d like to hear more of – and we believe that Out Of Line understands and supports this vision. We’re beyond excited to be teaming up with a label that shares our drive and vision and, along with us, is eager to make a strong impact in the modern rock scene.“ 

True North selbst sagen über die Zusammenarbeit mit Kellin Quinn:

Kellin was a blast to work with! We were happy to hear that he loved the demo, and we couldn’t be happier with his contributions to the song. He called me out of the blue after we first sent him the song because he had a bunch of really great ideas that he wanted to run by us, and he also wanted to make sure that he and Tim (our singer) could work together on some parts. That resulted in Kellin crafting a verse and a performance that we all really love and are excited about.“