Metsatöll: streamen Party Time During The Plague Konzert

Flut der Online Konzerte reißt nicht ab

Die Bands rund um den Globus sind unermüdlich und nicht wenige streamen am kommenden Wochenende ihre Konzerte im Netz. Dafür gibt es sicherlich mehrere Gründe, zum einen sitzen die allermeisten Bands selbst in Quarantäne und können/wollen auf das Musizieren nicht verzichten, zum anderen wollen die Bands ihren Fans selbst in der Corona-Quarantäne etwas bieten und über die Langeweile hinweghelfen. Das mag natürlich durchaus stimmen, doch viele Bands verfolgen mit den Livestreams natürlich auch noch ein anderes Ziel, denn durch die Corona-Krise sind viele Musiker in ihrer Existenz bedroht und erhoffen sich durch die Online-Konzerte Spenden. Wer immer in der Lage ist, sollte die Bands auch unterstützen, ob nun durch Spenden, oder Bestellungen in deren Online-Shops, damit auch die Bands, trotz Konzertausfällen, überleben können und wir auch nach der Corona-Krise wieder in den Genuss von deren Konzerten kommen. Als nächste Band reiht sich nun die estnische Folk Metal Band Metsatöll in die Schlange der Bands ein, die uns am kommenden Wochenende mit Online-Konzerten beglücken werden. Die Wölfe beginnen am Samstag um 1:00 Uhr estnischer Zeit (bei uns Freitag, 20.03., 23:00 Uhr) und streamen auf Facebook und YouTube.

Hier das offizielle Statement der Band:

PRESS RELEASE, 18.03.2020


Metsatöll and RGB Baltics are hosting a concert on Friday-Saturday (depending on a timezone), that will be streamed worldwide via Metsatöll media channels:

• The concert broadcast will take place on Saturday at 1:00 am Estonian time (GMT + 2).
• This means that the concert will begin on Friday, March 20 at 7:00 pm (or 19:00) New York time.
• The concert will begin at 11:00 PM (or 23:00), on Friday, March 20th, London time.
• The concert will begin at 10:00 AM on Saturday, March 21st, at Melbourne time.

• To find out the exact time of the concert in your time zone, see also:

Due to the unprecedented situation prevailing in the world, musicians and concert organizers have crumbled into a complicated mess. Concerts are canceled and festivals are postponed to an completely unknown time-distance, which means that at least until
the beginning of summer nothing happens. A job that requires so many people to come together and -to be together is unthinkable at the moment. However, we are cheerfully optimistic and absolutely confident that we can do a great job together!

Because there are no unsolvable situations! In co-operation with RGB Baltics – a company specializing in event technical solutions for events in Estonia and aboard, we have developed a new concert opportunity.

Tõnis Noevere (Metsatöll’s drummer): „When we approached the RGB to do such a thing, „the bull was immediately taken by the horns“ and we’d put on a set-up in a few days that we can give a visually very awesome concert. We are even surprised, how the
RGB guys were on the subject right now and thinking about it and getting into action. This RGB’s studio is going to stay up for awhile and rumor are told, that it will be used many times for a different artists, but we can be the first to give a streamed concert there.“

Metsatöll’s technical team: Keijo Koppel, Leho Säde and Ringo Muhhin are working with Metsatöll’s musicians to conduct the produced live concert. Also, a pyrotechnic team, video operators, streaming specialists etc..

The entire concert-stream will be free to watch worldwide. However, if you want to support the band and the technical team so that you all can continue to enjoy good music, you can make and transfer your affordable fare to PayPal account:

You can also transfer your support to Metsatöll’s bank account:
EE481010220078881018, OÜ Muldonn ja Viisud.
We are extreamly thankful for Your support!

All the support received is distributed gently and honestly to all the people who worked for the concert.

Metsatöll is:
KuriRaivo – bass, vocals
Tõnis – drums, vocals
Markus – vocals, guitars
Lauri – vocals, torupill, flutes, kannel, instrument of angst, acoustic guitar

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