Sleeping Romance: Frontfrau Federica Lanna verlässt die italienischen Symphonic Metaller

Es ist an der Zeit weiterzuziehen

Wie Federica Lanna heute selbst in einem Facebook-Statement mitteilt, ist sie ab sofort nicht mehr Frontfrau bei den italienischen Symphonic Metallern von Sleeping Romance.

Zuerst meldete sich die Band mit einem Statement zu Wort und nur wenige Minuten später dann auch die Sängerin. Federica Lanna war seit der Bandgründung im Jahr 2013 mit den Italienern aktiv und veröffentlichte gemeinsam mit Sleeping Romance die Alben Enlighten (2013) und Alba (2017). Nun heißt es in dem Bandstatement, dass man sich in gegenseitigem Einverständnis, zum Wohle aller Beteiligten, dazu entschlossen hat, getrennte Wege zu gehen, da die musikalischen Ansichten immer mehr in verschiedene Richtungen gingen.

Ob die Trennung tatsächlich in gegenseitigem Einverständnis vonstattenging – wir wissen es nicht – denn das Statement von Federica Lanna klingt deutlich verbitterter. Sie berichtet von internen Problemen und Kommunikationsproblemen, die für sie immer unerträglicher wurden. Sie habe in den letzten Monaten immer wieder versucht, einige Dinge zu ändern, musste nun jedoch akzeptieren, dass man gewisse Dynamiken nie ändern kann. Nun brauche sie erst einmal Zeit, um zu Ruhe und Gelassenheit zu kommen und um ihr Selbstvertrauen und Selbstwertgefühl wieder herzustellen.

Sleeping Romance suchen nun nach einer neuen Stimme, denn sie stecken mitten in den Arbeiten zum kommenden Album. Federica Lanna gründete dagegen mit dem Songwriter Federico Mondelli (Frozen Crown) 2019 die Modern Metal Band Volturian, die erst im April ihr Debütalbum Crimson veröffentlicht hat.


Statement von Sleeping Romance:

Hey friends,

a chapter of the Sleeping Romance story has sadly ended.
Sleeping Romance and Federica Lanna have decided to part company, in mutual understanding, for the good of all parties involved.

„It was a very hard and sad decision for all of us, but we think it is for the best.
Our opinions on music strayed away over time. We understood that it is better if everyone follows his/her own ideas without having to force anyone into doing things they are not up for.
Nonetheless, it was a pleasure playing with Federica and having her voice with us for the first two albums. We all wish her the very best in her future projects“

That said, we are looking for a new singer!
The new album is in the making, new songs are written and they are looking for the voice to bring them to life.
More details – in a next post.

Thank you all for your support and understanding. Il metallo!

Federico, Francesco, Lorenzo, Marco, Mattia.

Statement von Federica Lanna:

A message for all of you my friends.
Without denying my past path, I feel that is time for me now to move on, so I confirm that I have left Sleeping Romance, due to important differences between us. It was a hard decison but taken with total awareness in order to regain calm and serenity as professionist and most of all as human being, so I could restore my self confidence and self esteem.
Some internal conflicts and big communication problems through all these years are now unbearable for me. I tried to fix things several times in the last months but without a positive response. I believe in the need of finding a middle ground and do not cross the line when you are in a team work which is also a kind of family and you have different point of views, temperaments, or feelings towards some matters; and I had to accept that some “dynamics” would have never changed.
I have recently learned the importance of giving voice to your opinion or anxiety will eat you alive. It’s important to find confidence in what you believe and to not keep everything bottle inside. On the same way I think that you have to find that safe place that makes you feel welcomed and taken into consideration the way you are.
As you may know my firm will was to keep on working with Sleeping Romance when I joined Volturian. Unfortunately even if I thought that this could have been positive for me, my improvement and for both the bands, I had to accept that this wasn’t the case.
Volturian have been crucial but in a positive way. I have met amazing people and musicians who treated me with extreme respect, consideration and empathy. I worked in an atmosphere of mutual support and joy that warmed my heart, giving me an energy that I haven’t felt for a long time.
Sometimes you need to be brave, leaving something behind to come back to life. Who knows me even knows how much I trusted Sleeping Romance, how much I put into it and I want to thank all the fans for the amazing support I received through the years. I wish Sleeping Romance the best of course; and I also wish that you will keep on supporting me cause this means the world for me.
Love u all guys.

Yours truly Federica