For The Win: veröffentlichen neuen Track „As Forever“

Vor zwei Jahren haben For The Win bei Victory Records ihr Label-Debüt Heavy Thoughts veröffentlicht.
Musikalisch bewegt sich die Band zwischen Pop-Punk und Metalcore, und das Resultat geht perfekt in Ohr und Beine. Quasi ein Crossover mit ganz eigener Note.

Nun veröffentlicht die Band aus San Diego einen neuen Song.
As Forever könnt ihr hier hören:



„We are thrilled to get this new song out to our fans, and to thank them for their constant words of encouragement over the years,“ erzählt Frontmann Kyle Christensen.

„There is an interesting side to how this song came about,“ gesteht Christensen„It started as an unfinished demo back in 2016, just as we finished recording our album Heavy Thoughts. Even through that record was done, the writing did not stop. The first half of ‚As Forever‘ lyrically shows how I was feeling and where I was in life – struggling with certain situations and battling to understand why some things played out the way they did. Since I started piecing that song together, I spent the last three years doing a lot of self-discovering so this song reads with the first half showing who I was in 2016.“
Wieder zurück in 2019: „After revisiting ‚As Forever‘ in 2019, it made sense that this song could pick up where For The Win left off in 2016. When you push through the hard times and come out on the other side wiser and stronger, those moments shape who you are.“