Dave Evans – Badass Greatest Hits

Release Kalender
Name: Dave Evans – Badass Greatest Hits

Releasedatum: 23.07.2021

Genre: Hard Rock


1. Hot Nights
2. Somebody Better
3. Get Ready
4. Baby Blue Eyes
5. Sold My Soul For Rock ‚N‘ Roll
6. Only The Good Die Young
7. Take Me Down Again
8. Back On The Firing Line
9. Rock ‚N‘ Roll Or Bust
10. Another Boy On The Street
11. House Of The Rising Sun
12. Judgement Day
13. Shoot On Sight
14. We Don’t March To Your Drum
15. Put Up Or Shut Up
16. I Believe
17. Go Wild
18. Sunset Strip
19. Rockin‘ In The Parlour
20. Bad Ass Boy

Dave Evans - Badass Greatest Hits

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