Galneryus – Union Gives Strength

Release Kalender
Name: Galneryus – Union Gives Strength

Releasedatum: 16.06.2021

Genre: Power Metal


Disc I
1. The Howling Darkness
2. Flames Of Rage
3. Hold On
4. Bleeding Sanity
5. See The Light Of Freedom
6. Whatever It Takes (Raise Our Hands!)
7. Deep Affection [2021 re-recorded version]
8. Everlasting [2021 re-recorded version]

Disc II (Bonus DVD – We’ll See The Light Of Hope)
1. Purgatorial Flame
2. My Hope Is Gone
3. Never Again
4. Point Of No Return
5. Flames Of Rage
6. Everlasting
7. There’s No Escape
8. Raise My Sword
9. Destiny

Galneryus - Union Gives Strength

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