Das Interview mit Johannes Michael über Avatar und das gleichnamige Album (English Version)

Artist: Avatar

Orgin: Göteborg, Schweden

Genre: Rock, Heavy Metal, Melodic Death Metal

Label: Century Media Records

Link: https://www.facebook.com/pg/avatarmetal/about/?ref=page_internal


Vocals – Johannes Michael
Vocals – Gustaf Eckerström
Guitare – Kungen
Guitare – Tim Öhrström
Bass – Henrik Sandelin
Drums – John Alfredsson

Time For Metal / Rene W.:
Hello Johannes,
Today we meet to talk about your band Avatar and your new album Avatar Country.
For all readers who still don’t know you yet, I would like to know a little bit more about you. How did the band name Avatar come about? Are there any parallels to the movie? How did you create your very own style with this mix of Rock, Heavy Metal and Melodic Death Metal?
Avatar / Johannes:
Avatar has been called Avatar since before I joined. John named it. The only thing we are trying to achieve is to push the music we love forward. We want to make metal we haven’t heard yet, plain and simple. There are no formulas.

Time For Metal / Rene W.:
Your new album Avatar Country was released about four weeks ago and was also quite successful in the charts. Can you please explain a little bit about the steps during the songwriting?

Avatar / Johannes:
It was our fastest album to write and record, because it was so focused and inspired. Once we new it was time to tell the truth of our king and open up the borders to Avatar Country we just rean with it.
Time For Metal / Rene W.:
For the fans that didn’t listen to Avatar Country yet, where are the differences to the previous album Feathers & Flesh?
Avatar / Johannes:
F&F was about failure, fear, loss and death. It was also fiction. Avatar Country is real and is about hope, victory, strength and life.
Time For Metal / Rene W.:
The artwork of Avatar Country fits perfectly to the concept. Who has created this? Is it correct to say that for Avatar the concept as a general guideline stands above everything else?
Avatar / Johannes:
Music stands above everything else. The music breeds the concept.
Time For Metal / Rene W.:
You are coming on tour in Germany soon, what can the fans expect from Avatar this time, are there any special planned?
Avatar / Johannes:
A royal treatment of venue and stage. This is a state visit and we will transport our citizens in to Avatar Country.
Time For Metal / Rene W.:
So that was it. Thanks for your time doing this interview and all the best for the future for you and Avatar! The last word is up to you. Is there anything you want to say to your fans and our readers?
Avatar / Johannes:
The King love you and you too can become a Citizen of Avatar Country.
13 März 2018 (NL) Utrecht – Tivoli Vredenburg (Grote Zaal)
14 März 2018 (FR) Paris – Le Trianon
15 März 2018 (FR) Lille – Le Splendid (Les Paradis Artificiels Festival)
16 März 2018 (UK) London – Islington Assembly Hall
17 März 2018 (BE) Sint-Niklaas – De Casino
18 März 2018 (DE) Cologne – Luxor
20 März 2018 (FR) Remis – La Cartonnerie
21 März 2018 (FR) Nimes – Paloma
22 März 2018 (FR) Cognac – West Rock
23 März 2018 (ES) Bilbao – Sala Santana 27
24 März 2018 (ES) Madrid – Sala Mon Live
25 März 2018 (ES) Barcelona – Sala Bikini
26 März 2018 (FR) Lyon – Le Transbordeur
27 März 2018 (CH) Geneva – L’Usine
28 März 2018 (CH) Zuerich – Dynamo
29 März 2018 (IT) Milan – Alcatraz
01 April 2018 (DE) Munich – Technikum
02 April 2018 (CZ) Prague – Lucerna Music Bar
03 April 2018 (DE) Berlin – Bi Nuu
04 April 2018 (DE) Hamburg – Gruenspan
05 April 2018 (DK) Copenhagen – Pumpehuset
06 April 2018 (SE) Stockholm – Klubben Fryshuset
07 April 2018 (SE) Gothenburg – Tradgarn
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