Gwendydd: Tag 6 des Tourtagebuchs ist online!

Die Band kommentiert:“This is the end of our tour diaries! You’ll see a sneak peak from our show in Diest and how we warm up before the show! 

It was one of our greatest shows ever! The energy was mind-blowing! The crowd was so crazy, yet so friendly! We know that two shows can’t give you so much experience but in our case it changed us as people and our performance for the better! Huge thanks to everyone that made this tour possible! Huge thanks to Female Metal League Fest! Huge thanks to café HELL! Huge thanks to all of the bands with which we shared the stage! Special thanks to Time For Metal! HUGE THANKS to Amber Tour Productions! And last but not least… HUGE THANK YOU to all of the people who came to these shows and supported us! Until next time guys!