Marble – S.A.V.E.

Release Kalender
Name: Marble – S.A.V.E.

Releasedatum: 16.02.2021

Genre: Melodic Metal


  1. Mine (Greed)
  2. Heartless Desease (Luxury)
  3. 30 Silver Coins (Hope – Feat. M. Caverzan From In-Sight)
  4. My Mask Collection (Vanity)
  5. What Leads Us To (Envy)
  6. To Feed The Worms (Gluttony)
  7. A Darker Shade Of Me (Wrath)
  8. Where Is The Light (Faith)
  9. Timelines (Sloth)
  10. Daymare Town (Charity)
  11. Sins And Virtues Ending

Marble - S.A.V.E.

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