As Everything Unfolds: veröffentlichen ihre neue Single „On The Inside“

Die britische Post-Hardcore Band As Everything Unfolds veröffentlicht mit On The Inside eine neue Single, samt Musikvideo. On The Inside folgt auf die Singles Hiding From Myself, Take Me There, Stranger In The Mirror, Wallow und Grayscale, die Plattform übergreifend bereits über 2 Millionen Streams erzielen konnten. As Everything Unfolds Debütalbum Within Each Lies The Other erscheint am 26.03.2021 über Long Branch Records.

Sängerin Charlie Rolfe über die neue Single:
“Have you ever felt dragged down by what seems to be people that adore you? Have you ever felt like you’re being lied and dragged along for the pleasure of someone else? This song is a story about the thoughts and feelings being in that scenario, holding onto a thought of a day out of that life. When everything around you seems grey and dark, it can be hard. But there’s beauty is everything, life in dead flowers, colours in dark hours. No longer seeing life in black and white, wrong or right, learning to see life through a new lens creates a whole new perspective and make it easier to live with whatever issues you have. Embrace it.”


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As Everything Unfolds – Within Each Lies The Other

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