Carousel Kings: mit neuem Video zu ‚Monarch‘

Die Pop Punker Carousel Kings haben zu ihrem herzergreifenden Song ‚Monarch‘ nun auch ein Video veröffentlicht. Der Song stammt aus ihrem kürzlichen erschienenen Album Plus Ultra.

‚Monarch‘ jetzt anschauen

Die Band dazu: “’Monarch’ is an anthem to keep pushing, to trust your inner voice and simply GO FOR IT!” explains Carousel Kings vocalist Dave Alexander. “Every day we all have to overcome adversity in some aspect, and this song was written to have the listener reach deep within themselves to erase any preconceived ideas you may not realize are holding you back from your dreams and living your life to its fullest potential. On the video, we wanted to showcase this angle, with a Muay Thai kickboxer training for his fight. His struggles in the ring mirror life’s struggles and adversities, and how perseverance is the only way to prevail.”

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