Dark Tranquility: Gratulation zum 30. Bandjubiläum

Ein Statement von Mikael Stanne via Facebook

In diesen Tagen jährt sich das 30. Bandbestehen der Schweden. Dark Tranquillity stehen bei der deutschen Plattenfirma Century Media unter Vertrag und haben bis heute elf Studioalben, zwei DVDs und fünf EPs veröffentlicht. Die Band wurde bislang dreimal für den schwedischen Musikpreis Grammis nominiert.

Mikael Stanne schreibt auf Facebook:
„On this day 30 years ago Niklas, Anders, Martin, Anders and myself gathered in Jivarp´s older brothers room to assemble a drumkit and hook up amps for the first time.
We made noise, we had fun, and most of all we realized that it could somehow be done.
With little to no experience we set out to make something, anything really, out of nothing.
What started as silly short songs just to learn the basics eventually became longer and more complex compositions as we all learned together.
Somehow we now find ourselves here trying to grasp the fact that along the way everything around us has changed and so has the dynamics, the composition and the rhythm and pace of the band.
As with most things greater than the sum of its parts this keeps going.
And as much as I would like to think that everything is all new and innovative all the time, a melody, a beat or a sound that we make now still kicks me back to the time we were just kids in my parents garage trying to impress each other and annoy the neighbors.
It is a strange but awesome feeling to look back to three decades of music, touring and meeting incredible people, yet thinking more about what the future holds and how exciting it is to come up with new and interesting material.
We are now looking forward to new music, more tours and more madness.
We are eternally grateful for the fact that we´ve been able to do this with the support of our fans for all this time and we will continue to do so.

Thanks for being there with us. Cheers to the next 30!

Dark Tranquillity

Den Originalbeitrag könnt ihr hier nachlesen: https://www.facebook.com

Auch Time For Metal sendet die herzlichsten Geburtstagsgrüße!

Dark Tranquility sind für nächsts Jahr bereits für das ROCKHARZ Open Air und das Summer Breeze bestätigt.

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