From Sorrow To Serenity: veröffentlichen neue Single „Tell All“

EP "Trifecta" überall erhältlich

Die schottische Metalcore Band From Sorrow To Serenity veröffentlicht mit Tell All heute eine neue Single, samt Musikvideo. Es ist die dritte und finale Single aus der EP Trifecta, die ebenfalls ab sofort auf allen digitalen Plattformen verfügbar ist.

„This is a song for everyone who has been battling through lockdown, and our request to every one of you – embrace who you truly are, and take it to the world,“ erzählt Gitarrist Steven Jones. Steven ergänzt: „We all have such limited time together on this planet, so be you, take control of your own life and live for you – because noone else is going to. Your time has come. Tell All is our call-to-arms anthem. A song that never lets up, and piles on the energy. We’re particularly excited to play this one live! Marking the third and final piece of the Trifecta, Tell All relieves you of the doom-and-gloom tones of Shadows and Red Mist, instead shining a light at the end of the tunnel, and reminding us to be defiant of the darker thoughts and ‚voice‘ in our heads. We must do our utmost to find hope in every place that we can, and Tell All is about finding that place within yourself, and embracing it.“

Trifecta Tracklisting:
1 Shadows
2 Red Mist
3 Tell All