Nightingale: Neues Album “Retribution”; Präsentieren ersten Song, Artwork und Pre-Order

Die Schweden von NIGHTINGALE melden sich mit ihrem längst überfälligen siebten Studioalbum zurück. “Retribution” heißt der Nachfolger des “White Darkness” Releases von 2007 und erscheint am 7. November 2014 über ihr neues Label InsideOutMusic.

In Kooperation mit dem Classic Rock Magazin (UK) wird nun der erste Track des neuen Albums veröffentlicht. “Forevermore” könnt ihr euch hier anhören:

NIGHTINGALEs Dan Swanö (Gesang, Gitarre, Keyboards) äußerte sich mit folgenden Worten zu “Retribution”:

“We started putting material together for this album already around 2008, but out of all those songs only 2 made it to the album. I felt that, unless it is the best possible NIGHTINGALE album, where every song on the album easily could replace any song from our previous albums, there was no point in making a new album at all.

During the writing of the Witherscape debut album, I wrote a lot of stuff that would work better on a NIGHTINGALE album, and before I knew it, I had the skeleton for a lot of potentially awesome NIGHTINGALE songs! It was important that the new material had the vibe of the older albums, yet with a better production and performance.

I am very confident that all the NIGHTINGALE fans will love “Retribution” since I made sure I felt the same rush inside me when I listened to the tracks that I did upon listening to the finished version of our most famous tracks from the past!”

Und Swanö fügte zum Song “Forevermore” folgendes hinzu:
Forevermore is a track that showcases both the metal and the more bombastic A.O.R. influences of NIGHTINGALE. It’s a good summary of what to expect from the album…and then some! The lyrics tell the story of Jim Jones and The People’s Temple seen from the perspective of a devoted follower of the cult.”

Das Komplette Tracklisting des “Retribution” Albums lautet wie folgt:

NIGHTINGALE – “Retribution”
1. On Stolen Wings
2. Lucifer’s Lament
3. Chasing The Storm Away
4. Warriors Of The Dawn
5. Forevermore
6. Divided I Fall
7. The Voyage Of Endurance
8. 27 (Curse Or Coincidence?)
9. The Maze
10. Echoes Of A Dream

In Europa kann das Album ab sofort über den InsideOut Shop hier bestellt werden: