Suffocation: Video zur zweiten Single veröffentlichen „Pierced From Within“

Die New Yorker Death Metal-Pioniere Suffocation werden am 12. November ihr neues Live-Album Live In North America über Nuclear Blast Records veröffentlichen. Letzten Freitag veröffentlichte die Band das Video zur zweiten Single Pierced From Within. Seht euch das Video, das von Mike Randall fotografiert wurde, hier an:

Terrance Hobbs kommentiert, „Hope you all enjoy this live version of Pierced From Within. This song has always been a staple of the Suffocation arsenal as it’s one of our favorite musical pieces to play. When going through the live recording and figuring out which songs to tease this release we didn’t even have a second thought when it came to Pierced From Within and we couldn’t be more proud of how this live version sounds. This song has transcended almost 3 decades and still holds its potency in our set to this very day as well as being intricate with breaking major ground for us in the death metal world since its original release.  Hope you all crank it out loud and let Suffocation fill your homes with some of our best death metal through the years!“

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