Suzi Quatro: veröffentlicht Single „Do Ya Dance“ aus ihrem Erfolgsalbum „The Devil In Me“

Suzi Quatro, die Queen of Rock ´n‘ Roll veröffentlichte jüngst mit Do Ya Dance die dritte Single aus ihrem neuen Studioalbum The Devil In Me.

Suzi sagt: „My son Richard presented me with this track. It was an unusual one, a bit of a James Brown vibe, who I always loved. I worked on it till I found the exact right melody, which was not obvious, and the right words to sing that I could relate to. I always have to tell a story, and it all came together very nicely. The lyrics are a little naughty, which my age, I am certainly allowed to be. We made this video in my garage complete with dancing, confetti, and masks wearing muso’s and dancers. I must say it was a little strange looking into all those Suzi’s faces.. very surreal. The track and video can be summed up with one word…… FUN!“

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