The Oklahoma Kid: veröffentlichen Live-Musikvideo zu „High Stakes“ vom Debütalbum „Solarray“

Das stilvolle deutsche Metal-Quintett The Oklahoma Kid veredelte ihren heftigen Track High Stakes vom aktuellen Album Solarray, mit Live-Mitschnitten ihrer großen EU-Tour mit den Label-Kollegen von Imminence, Anfang des Jahres!

Schaut euch das Live-Musikvideo zu High Stakes jetzt hier an:

The Oklahoma Kid: „It has been a hard time to all of us in the last months. Dealing with the corona-crisis is one of the biggest burdens many of us ever had to deal with. These kind of circumstances showed us that our lives are full of privileges and how hard it is to live without them. Enjoying any kind of art, also music, is one of them. We are happy to make music and create a space for kids and grown-ups to enjoy and to feel comfortable in. Unfortunately covid sets musicians and artists for personal and live experience out of reach and we hope you guys still enjoy art in a digital way. Just before the corona instances Imminence took us on tour with them. it was our first tour ever and we are really happy that the guys chose us to tour with them. We miss the times staying on stages, Getting to know new kids and keep in contact with friends from other countries we have made over the past years. We are really looking forward to hit the stage again and perform some new pieces just for you. For the meantime we have a new video recapping our live on the road with Imminence and Acres. Nonetheless we hope you enjoy the video. Stay home, stay safe, stay healthy“

The Oklahoma Kid haben im September letzten Jahres ihr erfolgreiches und hochgelobtes Debütalbum Solarray veröffentlicht!
Kauft und/oder streamt euch das Debütalbum Solarray hier:

Verpasst nicht ihre erste Heimat-Headlinetour 2020 – The Good Fellas Tour 2020!

The Oklahoma Kid – The Good Fellas Tour 2020
06.11 Cologne, MTC
07.11 Frankfurt, ELFER Music Club
08.11 Berlin, Musik & Frieden
13.11 Leipzig, Bandhaus
14.11 Rostock, Peter-Weiss-Haus
15.11 Hamburg, headCRASH

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