17 Crash: Band sagt alle alle Termine ab

Italienische AOR & Hardrocker von Hausarrest in Italien betroffen

Die Italiener von 17 Crash sagen alle nationalen und internationalen Termine bis auf Weiteres ab.


Hier das Statement der Band:

⚠️⚠️⚠️ COVID – 19, VIRUS UPDATE ⚠️⚠️⚠️

To all our beloved fans out there.
We feel the need to write these lines cause, as you all know in Italy, things are getting pretty serious/dangerous about this virus.

The disease is spreading fast n‘ for the national/international safety, we are all forced to stay locked in our houses.
We hope everything will be fine soon.
For now the most important thing is to avoid the contamination and work togheter to make this nightmare ends.
All the scheduled gigs (national/international) are CANCELLED for now.
To all our amazing supporters who bought the new album we ask you for a little patience.
We‘ ll send your copies once the situation will be better.
Thanx so much for your understanding.
For sure we ain’t gonna stop cause it’s just a momentary situation n‘ will handle it.
We‘ ll be back prouder n‘ louder than ever very soon.
Love you all…Rn’R