All Them Witches: veröffentlichen neuen Song “Saturnine & Iron Jaw”

Das neue Album "Nothing As The Ideal" erscheint am 04.09.2020

All Them Witches bieten eine schöne Atempause von all dem Chaos, das in der Welt vor sich geht. Die Rocker aus Nashville haben die bevorstehende Veröffentlichung eines neuen Albums mit dem Titel Nothing As The Ideal angekündigt.

Nothing As The Ideal wird am 04. September 2020 via New West Records veröffentlicht. Das Album wurde in den Legendären London´s Abbey Road Studios aufgenommen, wo unteranderem die Beatles den Großteil ihres Katalogs eingespielt haben.

Gitarrist und Sänger Ben McLeod sagt folgendes über den neuen Song Saturnine & Iron Jaw: “We very specifically wanted to lead with this track. I think it’s the most well-rounded track on the record; it’s constantly changing, it has a lot of different vibes to it. Obviously, there are way heavier songs on the record,” but Saturnine & Iron Jaw should let fans know All Them Witches are still very much rooted in psychedelic and bluesy rock. This is our first record without keys, but in this song, there is something for everyone.“

Saturnine & Iron Jaw  baut sich langsam auf und entwickelt sich zu einem Psychedelic-Rock Klassiker. Ben McLeod fügt hinzu: „That whole intro is a compilation of about five or six loops that Robby [Staebler, drums] had made on tour. He gave them all to me and we knew that we wanted the album to start that way. The only thing I added, production wise, is a little after the one minute mark, the pitch drops and then there’s a bell that rings five times. It’s totally cheesy, but I thought it would be cool to have it ring five times before the guitar comes in, kind of representing our previous five studio albums. And then on the fifth bell, the sixth album begins.

During that intro guitar, it was totally accidental, but someone is walking up the stairs to the control room and they’re trying to be as quiet as they can to close the door, but you can still hear the door close. The take was too good to do it again, and it kind of captures the studio for the listener.

Am 27. Februar 2020 machte sich die Band auf nach London um ihr Album in den Abbey Road Studios aufzunehmen. McLeod beschreibt die Zeit wie folgt: “It was incredible. We have a studio south of Nashville, and it’s an amazing sounding space, but it just wasn’t the right time to record this record there. I decided that I wanted to do another album with Mikey Allred, who produced and engineered and mixed Dying Surfer Meets His Maker. We started writing more in January and February, and Mikey and I were talking one day and we both just came up with the Abbey Road idea. Robbie and [bassist Michael] Parks were totally on board, and something like later that afternoon, we booked our dates.

Auch bei den erfahrenen All Them Witches löste das legendäre Studio etwas besonderes aus wie McLeod fortfährt: “I walked in and it was like one of those out of body experiences. Robby got there like an hour before I did and he looked at me and was like, ‘Dude, I almost cried three times.’ It’s a huge room, and the vibe isn’t in the vintage microphones that the Beatles used, it’s not in any of the gear, the old compressors and all that stuff … you go there because the room sounds good. For me, that was the icing on the cake. This studio actually just sounds amazing.

Die Band kehrte am 9. März 2020 in die Staaten zurück, Tage nachdem die Tornados über Nashville hinweggefegt waren und Tage bevor das Land wegen der Coronavirus-Pandemie geschlossen werden sollte. Obwohl Amerika noch einiges zu bewerkstelligen hat, freut sich McLeod darauf, diese neue Musik mit der Welt zu teilen, wie er sagt.

We just tend to record and write and make the music that we want to make at that specific moment. It’s no laughing matter, everything that has happened and continues to happen, but it was almost like it was meant to be that we were supposed to go to London and get this album done. It was a blessing that we could get in and out. It was a wild time to be making an album.

Das neue Album Nothing As The Ideal könnt ihr ab heute vorbestellen.

Nothing As The Ideal-Tracklist:
01. Saturnine & Iron Jaw
02. Enemy of My Enemy
03. Everest
04. See You Next Fall
05. The Children of Coyote Woman
06. 41
07. Lights Out
08. Rats in Ruin