Enterprise Earth: veröffentlichen neues Quarantäne Video „There Is No Tomorrow“

Gitarrist Gabriel Mangold sagt folgendes zur Akustik Version von There Is No Tomorrow:

Doing the acoustic rendition of this song was a last-minute addition to the EP and, boy, are we glad we went for it as recording it was somewhat of a cathartic and eye-opening experience. It was inspired by bands that have done incredible acoustic renditions of their heavy tunes, namely Alice In Chains, The Contortionist, and I See Stars. Our sonic inspirations and musical expressions go much deeper than just being brutal and we wanted to express that sentiment and develop another facet of our sound. We love melody, peaks, and valleys within a song, acoustic jams that take you on a journey, and most importantly, we love writing music that resonates strongly within us. There Is No Tomorrow is easily the most melodic and emotional song from Luciferous. If any tune from that record deserved an acoustic rendition, it would be that one. Expect more of these acoustic renditions in the future.

Enterprise Earth: veröffentlichen neues Video zu “Scars Of The Past”