Metalfest Open Air in Pilsen: abgesagt

COVID-19 stoppt auch die Festivals in den Nachbarländern

Das bei den deutschen Metalheads sehr beliebte Festival im Amphitheater Lochotín ist abgesagt für 2020. Geplant waren dort unter anderem Gigs von Running Wild, Within Temptation oder Eluveitie. Weiterhin gibt Infos für das im Juli stattfindende Masters Of Rock in Vizovice.

Within Temptation @ M’era Luna 2016 08 14

Hier das Statement des Veranstalters:

Metalfest Open Air Pilsen
– Given Tuesday’s government statement it is clear that no festival can take place until June 8, 2020. Although the Czech government has not yet officially prohibited it, it is already clear by the other actions it has taken – hotels, borders are closed etc. that it is impossible for the festival to take place.
– Therefore, we are forced to find a new date for the 11th Metalfest. One option is mid-September but we are not sure we will be able to obtain all approvals needed. And that’s the reason we have decided to move the festival by a year, to June 2021.
– We are already working with the bands for several weeks on this backup plan. In principle, everyone agrees with the new date so the line up should stay more or less the same. Moreover, we are extending the program to Thursday since we have already confirmed some artists for the Metalfest 2021 before the lockdown. Unplanned bonus for the fans as well as a financial burden we are happy to take:)
– Purchased tickets are valid for the new date, refunds are not possible. For better understanding, we have decided to take this approach after discussion with the lawyers since the state taxes were already applied to the raised money, the bands were paid, we have invested to marketing, paid the employees etc.
– At the end of April, we will update you on the new date and we will share an up-to-date overview of the bands that will perform in the newly reconstructed Lochotín Amphitheatre.

Masters of Rock Vizovice
– Even though the government has not revealed any official plan for the summer months, based on the information we have we do not think it will be possible for the MoR to take place in mid-July. We are currently working with both options: The festival will take place (even though the chances are very slim) or it will be also postponed for next year. Unlike Metalfest there are bigger bands with bigger productions coming to MoR so postponing to fall is not an option.
– Of course, we are actively discussing the availability for 2021 with the invited bands and we should be able to bring most of them to you. The great news is that the headliner, Judas Priest celebrating their 50th anniversary, have confirmed for the postponed date! We dedicate a lot to this event so we are working on improving the technical standard of the festival. We have already ordered a new giant steel stage from the German Megaforce.
– The same ticket policy applies for Masters of Rock as above, the purchased tickets will not be refunded but are valid for any possible new date.
– We will inform you as soon as we can, mid-May latest, about the festival date and we will share the updated line-up. We are doing everything we can to maintain the current one because we can see that this year is the most interesting one in history as there are only 3000 remaining tickets…

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