Thecityisours: veröffentlichen neue Single samt Video zu „Dangerous“ vom kommenden Album „Coma“

Thecityisours enthüllen ihre brandneue Single Dangerous, ein stilistisches Experiment, das Citys Sound eine zusätzliche Note verleiht, eingängige Pop-Refrains in treibende Beats verpackt und ehrliche lyrische Inhalte über Gefühle der Ermächtigung umfasst, die das Beste aus einer schlechten Situation machen. Der Track stammt aus dem zweiten Album der Band, Coma, das am 22. Oktober 2021 via Arising Empire veröffentlicht wird.

Zu ihrer neuen Single erklärt Gitarrist/Sänger Mikey Page:
„When writing this record, we really wanted to blow the doors of gate kept genre boundaries wide open. We believe art should be about expression of thoughts, feelings and values however you see fit, without fear of judgement.

Dangerous was born through this mentality. Collating ideas we had whilst removing the hand break of “what if?” We wanted to create something that empowered the ideology of being true to yourself no matter what and the lyrical content really reflects the excitement and freedom we felt through embracing the process.

We were keen to try something new with the visuals to truly embrace this ethos, so what better way than to throw stereotypes to the wind and create an independent wrestling promotion as a vessel to carry this message. You’re perfect just the way you are, so don’t let anybody tell you otherwise.“

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