Thousand Below: neue EP erscheint am 21.08.2020 auf Rise Records/ Titeltrack & Video online

Thousand Below kündigen für den 21.08.2020 eine neue EP via Rise Records an! Diese trägt den Titel Let Go Of Your Love und enthält vier akustische Neuinterpretationen sowie einen brandneuen Song. Zu Letzterem liegt gleich ein Videoclip vor (siehe oben).
We had the idea to do an acoustic/remix EP for a while, and with everyone stuck in lockdown, it seemed like the perfect time to do it“, erklärt die Band. „We all recorded our parts at home in San Diego, and got our good friend Sumner from the band Dead Lakes to add a new spin on the remix of Chemical. We liked the idea of doing a couple songs that were just acoustic guitar and singing, and a couple that were fully electronic to explore that side of the sound we added on Gone In Your Wake.
Let Go Of Your Love EP – Trackliste:
  1. Let Go Of Your Love
  2. Chemical (Featuring Sommer Peterson Of Dead Lakes)
  3. Alone (Out Of My Head)
  4. 171 Xo
  5. Lost Between

Thousand Below: neues Video „171 xo“


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