Demonical: Neuer Vertrag bei Agonia Records

Die Schweden-Deather DEMONICAL haben einen weltweiten Vertrag bei Agonia Records unterzeichnet.


Nach vier Full Length-Alben bei Cyclone Empire und zahlreichen internationalen Tourneen und Festival-Auftritten seit der Bandgründung (2006) wird die Band 2015 unter neuer Flagge erneut zuschlagen. Be prepared!

Hier das Original-Statement von Bandleader und Bassist Martin Schulman:

„We are genuinely thrilled to announce that Demonical have signed a new worldwide record deal with Agonia Records. I have already experienced the pleasure working with Agonia as they released the latest album from Centinex, so when the label approached me about signing Demonical as well it didn’t take me long to make my decision. I’m confident that Agonia’s potential, dedication and strong business knowledge will push Demonical into new heights and be a solid step forward for us on the path to utter death metal darkness.

I would hereby also like to thank the entire Cyclone Empire crew for all the past years and for bringing us where we are today. Your support will not be forgotten.“


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