Exodus: Lyricvideo zu „The Years Of Death And Dying“ online

Die unbestrittenen Meister des Thrash Metal, deren Bande in der Jugend und jahrzehntelanger Freundschaft geschmiedet wurden, kehren mit ihrem elften Studioalbum Persona Non Grata zurück, das am 19. November über Nuclear Blast Records veröffentlicht wird. Heute veröffentlicht die Band das Lyric Video zur dritten Single The Years Of Death And Dying, das hier zu sehen ist:

Tom Hunting kommentiert,The Years Of Death And Dying started out as a poem, from the perspective of Death, being a thinking entity, always watching and looking for weakness and opportunity to come calling for people. A Grim Reaper story. We were losing legends: Bowie, Cash, Petty, Prince, Frey…the list goes on and on. Then we started losing family members and friends in our own orbit. Anyway, the title came first, then the poem, which became a song. I shared the lyrics with Gary, who helped inspire me with phrasing to finish it, and the guys loved it. The song is really long, and more legends kept passing right up into the moments Zet was singing it, so I had to keep writing until I had enough to complete the song. We hope you enjoy our tribute to the fallen!“