Defences: mit neuer Single am Start

Die aus Hertfortshire (UK) stammende Band Defences veröffentlicht heute ihr Album In The Balance. Um dies gebührend zu feiern, spendieren sie uns die Single zu Little Light.

Defences haben sich in ihrem Heimatland bereits einen Club-Headliner-Status erspielt und blicken auf Tourneen mit u.a. Our Last Night, Mallory Knox oder auch Our Hollow, Our Home zurück

Die Band kommentiert den neuen Song wie folgt:

Little Light, aptly named serves as a ‚light at the end of the tunnel‘ both on its own footing as a track as well as its place on In The Balance. Acceptance and hope are the prevalent themes, acceptance of who we are, where we are, and hope for lighter days with the help of those we love. I wanted to write something with a more hopeful tone but wasn’t sure how. I’d written a lot about strength in the past but I didn’t feel strong anymore, so wrote about that instead. Thought about the people that help me through and how we help each other out of our own darkness and into the light.

William: „Little Light is an honest look at holding on to hope. Not in an idealistic way, but in a very real way. Where times are hard and it’s very easy to let your emotions get the better of you, the song represents the small fire inside that keeps you going, with the hope that something better could be on the horizon. It’s an outlook that we all recognise but definitely need to remind ourselves of more often.

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