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Light The Torch: kündigen neues Album an und veröffentlichen neuen Song

Gestern kündigten Light The Torch ihr viertes Album an. Unter dem Titel You Will Be The Death Of Me soll der Langspieler am 25. Juni 2021 in den Regalen stehen. Dazu hat uns Nuclear Blast Records ein paar Zeilen der Band zukommen lassen.

You Will Be The Death Of Me has been a journey — even without the pandemic,“ sagte Howard Jones. „This album has been emotional and rewarding in every way, and we couldn’t be more excited to finally release it. Maybe there was a bit of desperation writing and recording these songs.

Des weiteren teilt er mit, „Going through personal turmoil and watching Francesco deal with injuries, we knew this could change things drastically for us. The album was a welcome distraction, and we dumped every emotion we had into YWBTDOM. To watch Fran heal and become an even more complete artist in front of my eyes has been amazing to watch. Everything we went through individually and together with this album drew Fran, Ryan, and I together. I couldn’t be more proud of this album knowing I made it with my family.

Artusato gibt sich offen über seine Erfahrungen und sagt, „This record is special to me in a different way. From writing the music during one of the toughest times of my life while dealing with a bad injury due to a car accident to being obsessively involved with every aspect of its production, recording, and creating the artwork. It’s hard to describe how I feel, and to finally see this record getting ready to be released.

Er fährt fort über die Kraft des Albums, „We are all very satisfied with how this record showcases the evolution of our band and our evolution as individuals. Without our brotherhood, this music could not have happened. Music is what kept us strong together during our toughest times. There’s nothing like art that expresses pure and deep emotions, and that’s what I feel when I listen to Howard’s performance on this record.

Wombacher stimmt zu, „I think this album shows the growth the band has experienced after years on the road together, and a friendship that has continued to thrive doing what we love together.

Die Jungs kehrten zurück zu Sparrow Sound in Glendale, Kalifornien, um erneut mit dem Produktionsteam von Josh Gilbert und Joseph McQueen (Bullet for My Valentine, As I Lay Dying, Suicide Silence) zu arbeiten. Dieses Mal konnten sie auch Alex Rudinger von Whitechapel am Schlagzeug begrüßen. „Er ist unglaublich„, sagt Artusato. „Er war genau das, was wir brauchten.

Light The Torch – You Will Be The Death Of Me