Limp Bizkit: Wes Borland veröffentlicht Eat The Day-Demos

Neue, alte Musik des Limp Bizkit-Gitarristen

Während sich die alten Recken von Limp Bizkit offenbar nur noch im Kreis drehen und noch immer kein neues Material in Sicht ist, geht nun Gitarrist Wes Borland auf Zeitreise in seiner eigenen Vergangenheit. Vor vielen Jahren gründete eben dieser Wesley Louden Borland diverse Side-Projekte, darunter Big Dumb Face, Eat The Day, The Damning Well und Black Light Burns. Während sich z. B. Black Light Burns zu einer richtigen Rockband entwickelten, mit der Borland mehrere Alben aufnahm, blieben andere Projekte in den Kinderschuhen stecken. Eat The Day scheiterten letztendlich daran, dass sie, trotz intensiver Suche, keinen geeigneten Sänger fanden und so wurde bereits 2010 das Projekt auf unbestimmte Zeit auf Eis gelegt und folgendes Statement veröffentlicht:

„Hi everyone, We think it’s time that you knew what’s really going on with [Eat the Day]. We originally opened up the singer search to try and find someone that was unknown. We didn’t want a ’supergroup‘ at that point in time. We went through many auditions and there were a couple of moments in which we thought we had found someone who could fill the slot, only to decide later that the people weren’t right for us. At this point we moved on to phase 2, which was trying to look for someone that was a known singer. This too yielded no results. Then we decided to try something else. We thought we might be able to combine Eat the Day with The Damning Well, having Richard Patrick [Filter] as the singer. Everyone agreed that this might be a good idea, and we began to write together. 4 weeks later, we realized that our creative differences were too great to be able to produce an entire album’s worth of material that we felt good about. So here we are. 2 years after I walked away from Limp Bizkit, we have loads of great instrumental material, and no singer. We think it’s time for something to give. So here’s what we’re doing: This project will go into indefinite hibernation and we will all be working on other projects, coming together again whenever we cross the path of someone who may be an option to fill the vocalist position. (On a personal note, I feel like I have been absent from the music scene for too long, and I need to be participating again. I will be writing with a couple of very cool bands, and producing other various projects. I also plan on possibly joining a band on tour as a full time guitarist next year.)
„I want to thank everyone who has kept up with us for the last 2 years. We will be leaving the website up to continually keep you informed of what we are doing. We will post pictures and news, and hopefully one day inform you that Eat the Day is back. Thanks.“

Eat The Day gerieten in Vergessenheit und verharrten bis heute im Dornröschenschlaf, ohne dass es jemals irgendeine offizielle Veröffentlichung gab. Ein Umstand, der offenbar über all die Jahre am Ego des Gitarristen kratzte, denn wie Borland nun über seine Social Media-Kanäle mitteilte, will er am 08. April nun eine Eat The Day ETD-Sammlung mit insgesamt acht Demos veröffentlichen.

Ein entsprechendes Statement und das Artwork veröffentliche der Limp Bizkit-Gitarrist über Instagram:

“Just varnished the painting for the Eat The DayThe Demos’ album cover. Releasing Wednesday 4-8-20, which is also Passover. 8 tracks, just under one hour. Streaming and for download on all platforms. #eattheday #edisonsound #flyingheadmusic #theorchard”

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