Plague Years: veröffentlichen neues Video „Paradox Of Death“

Die in Michigan ansässigen Crossover-Death-Thrasher Plague Years haben am 18. September über Entertainment One („eOne“) ihr neues Album Circle Of Darkness veröffentlicht. Hier geht es direkt zu unserem Review:

Eric Lauder zum Video:

Paradox Of Death is a mid-tempo stomper. This is one of my favorite tracks and highlights Mike [Jurysta]’s incredible drumming. The song is a story about killing a snitch after he’s betrayed his people. Loyalty should never be broken. No mercy for rats. Never fold, never bend.“

Die Death-Trasher aus Michigan veröffentlichen heute Ihre zweite Single Incantation.

Gitarrist Eric Lauder sagt folgendes zum Song:

“This song is about resurrecting the dead that were condemned by god. Corpses become masters of chaos, rising to become a part of hell’s army to destroy their land and all things divine. This is one of the hardest and most aggressive songs on the record, relentless with its speed in the beginning and crushing heaviness at the end.”

Circle Of Darkness Track Listing:
1. Play The Victim
2. Witness Hell
3. Paradox Of Death
4. Eternal Fire
5. Circle Of Darkness
6. Evil One
7. Incantation
8. Nrftl
9.World In Blood
10. Urge To Kill

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