Suicidal Tendencies: neue Live Dates – neues Album „Still Cyco Punk After All These Years“ out now

Suicidal Tendencies haben neue Live Dates für Deutschland angekündigt. In folgenden drei Städten könnt ihr mit ST-Sprechchören die Bühne entern:

02.11 Bochum – Matrix
04.11 Aschaffenburg – Colos Saal
05.11 München – Backstage Werk

„Die Songstrukturen sind ausgefeilter und griffiger, die Gitarrenriffs messerscharf und das präzise Schlagzeugspiel von Dave Lombardo sorgt für noch mehr Tempo.“ – VISIONS

„Die zu spät gekommene Sommerspaßplatte 2018!“ – LEGACY

„Still Great After All These Years“ – 9/10

„Die zu spät gekommene Sommerspaßplatte 2018.“ –

„Die Jungs haben es wirklich geschafft, in gewohnter Manier, noch einen oben drauf zu setzen, einerseits mit Dave Lombardo (Slayer) an den Drums und andererseits in dem sie die Songs frischer aufgenommen, neu abgemischt und in passenderer Reihenfolge arrangiert haben, I love it, von daher ganz klare Kaufempfehlung von mir!“ –

„So geht Punkrock, so geht Old School, so geht Cyco Punk 2018.“ – Gä

Still Cyco Punk After All These Years ist in dieser Version ein famoses Suicidal Tendencies-Album geworden, das die besten Seiten der Band hervorkehrt…“ –

„Insgesamt ist Still Cyco Punk After All These Years ein solides Album zwischen Punk und Hardcore, das nicht so klingt, als läge sein Ursprung in den frühen 90ern.“ –


Mike Muir gibt Auskunft zum Album:

Over 20 Years ago I recorded my first “solo” cd for release (technically the second, the first being the “Solocide” sessions which probably will never be released as it was intended).
The Cyco Miko “Lost my Brain…Once Again!” was released in 1995 and even featured guitarist Steve Jones from the Sex Pistols on 7 songs.
Although the 13 years I was in Suicidal at the time, I did things I never dreamed I’d have the chance to, or could happen, there were still way too many times that were extremely difficult to handle. Basically, “Love Music, don’t Like the other stuff”, lol.
Anyhow remembering that original love for music made me want to do a Punk STyle record and at the time I didn’t feel it was, could or should be an ST album.
Now with Dave Lombardo on drums leading the way, I felt it not only could it, but it should be an ST album. Not retro, but taking it 25 years forward and make it a modern Cyco Punk record.
Extremely dangerous after so many years, but damn, I love these songs and I feel them so much. Perhaps surprisingly more now then when I was 30.
The music hits me hard and the lyrics hit me harder. Life takes you places sometimes you don’t want to be. I know that more then I would like to admit…but it led me here, right now and I’m so proud to be here! And the irony is a “non Suicidal” album, has just made me more Suicidal then ever.
Lastly, we have some friends from Brasil helping out and we look forward for them to carry the ST Family Flag going forward.
STay Cyco, STay STrong! Suicidal for Life and Love to the ST Family Worldwide!
Cyco Miko