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Cadaver: veröffentlichen Musikvideo zu „Feed The Pigs“

Die norwegischen Death-Metaller Cadaver sind zurück im Geschäft und bereit zu regieren – mit Rache und Zerstörungswut. Edder & Bile, das erste Album der neuen Inkarnation von Anders Oddens ursprünglicher, extremer Metal-Vision, wurde im November 2020 über Nuclear Blast Records auf die Welt losgelassen. Diesen Freitag veröffentlichte die Band das Musikvideo zur Single Feed The Pigs, das von Julio Mendoza gedreht wurde. Seht euch das Musikvideo hier an:

Anders Odden kommentiert:„The first song Dirk Verbeuren and I wrote as we resurrected Cadacer back in 2016 was ‚Feed The Pigs‘. At the time, I was looking for a singer and as the song pays tribute to the Florida scene (the 80s and early 90s) Kam Lee from Death and Massacre was on my shortlist to fill the role. When he got the demo he got super inspired and wrote all the rest of the lyrics and recorded a demo within 24 hours. We were blown away and kept this original idea when we recorded the album in 2019. As the pandemic destroyed all interactions with social distancing, we thought of making a video that reflects our time. All of us have done several COVID-19 collaborations where musicians jam across their bands and film themselves. This video is a tribute to the post-apocalyptic world we live in, enjoy.“