Our Oceans: veröffentlichen neue Single & Video „Weeping Lead“

Das neue Album "While Time Disappears" erscheint am 27. November

Das niederländische Rock-Trio Our Oceans legt mit Weeping Lead einen neuen Song vor. Es ist die dritte Single aus dem neuen Studioalbum While Time Disappears, das am 27. November 2020 über Long Branch Records erscheint. Weeping Lead ist ab sofort überall als Stream und Download verfügbar.

Streamt Weeping Lead hier: https://ouroceans.lnk.to/whiletimedisappears
Seht das Video hier:

Sänger & Gitarrist Tymon Kruidenier über Weeping Lead:
Weeping Lead is one of my favorite songs on the album, both from a musical as well as a lyrical perspective. Conceptually, it’s quite a paradoxical song. On the one hand, it’s about the deadening numbness of depression, where suicide seems like the only way out. On the other hand, it’s about the realization that true purpose and meaning can only be found in overcoming sorrow and allowing yourself to transform that dark energy into things of beauty. On a side note; ‘lead’ refers to the metal here, so most people will probably mispronounce this song’s title before they hear me sing it.
This gloomy and shadowy music video was once again directed by our friend Job Kuizenga. We were aiming for a 90s inspired look and feel as you can clearly tell from the 4:3 aspect ratio and the VHS glitches. Fun fact is that there were no digital effects used in the production. The hazy look was attained by filming through various drinking glasses while the VHS look comes from running the video through a real VHS player while holding magnets close to the tape and pushing around the tape heads.“

Our Oceans wurden vom Sänger und Gitarristen Tymon Kruidenier (Cynic, Exivious) gegründet. Zu ihm gesellen sich seine ehemaligen Exivious Kollegen Robin Zielhorst (Zyniker, Onegodless) an Bass und Gesang, sowie Yuma van Eekelen (Quadvium, Pestilenz) am Schlagzeug.

Sänger & Gitarrist Tymon Kruidenier über das Albumkonzept von While Time Disappears:
„Fundamentally, Our Oceans is about an honest and personal portrayal of emotions, thoughts and experiences, at least it is for me. As such, While Time Disappears conceptually is very much about the past 5 years of my life. It tells the story of seemingly being in a good place in life, unexpectedly being broken to your core, getting back up and overcoming. It’s a very dark album, in places, but ultimately, it does have a positive undertone. Musically, this translates into an album that’s much more varied than our debut. There’s not only sadness, melancholy and beauty in this album, there’s also a hefty dose of anger and despair in there.“

While Time Disappears Tracklist:
1 Unravel
2 Weeping Lead
3 The Heart’s Whisper
4 Motherly Flame
5 Passing By
6 Face Them
7 Your Night, My Dawn
8 You Take
9 With Hands Torn Open

Sänger & Gitarrist Tymon Kruidenier über das Albumcover:
„From the very beginning, when we were still conceptualizing the basics of what would ultimately become While Time Disappears, I had a very strong sense of what the artwork should feel like. I pictured a very dark atmosphere with lots of warm reds, accompanied by an art style that would fuse fine art with illustrations that could almost appear in a children’s book. It took me forever to find an artist who operates in that space. Eventually though, I found a brilliant artist called Patrick Atkins. It turned out he loved our music and was incredibly easy to work with. We gave him our music, the lyrics and the album title, and that’s all he needed to create the incredible artwork you see on the cover and everywhere else in the album.“

Our Oceans mischen Singer/Songwriter-Einflüsse mit modernen, progressiven Rock-Elementen und verweben achtsame Musikalität und introspektive Texte zu einem zutiefst melancholischen und doch einzigartig weitläufigen musikalischen Universum. Eindringliche Gesangsmelodien, die von Herzen kommende Schreie der Sehnsucht, Wut und Verzweiflung tragen, treffen auf lyrische Fretless-Basslinien, kräftige Drums und fesselnde Gitarrenriffs.

Tymon Kruidenier – Gesang & Gitarre
Robin Zielhorst – Bass & Gesang
Yuma van Eekelen – Schlagzeug



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