The Bar Stool Preachers: ‚Choose My Friends‘ Musikvideo (ft. Aimee Interrupter)

The Bar Stool Preachers haben ein neues Musikvideo zu Choose My Friends veröffentlicht, welches das dritte und somit letzte Kapitel der Video-Trilogie darstellt, die komplett aus dem kommenden Album Grazie Governo ausgekoppelt wurde. Der Track featured Guest Vocals von Aimee Interrupter von The Interrupters. Das Video kann hier angeschaut werden.

Grazie Governo wird am 3. August bereits digital erhältlich sein. Physische Tonträger sind ab dem 24. August überall erhältlich. Vorbestellungen letzterer sind schon via Pirates Press Records möglich (, sowie über die bandeigene Website The Bar Stool Preachers. Eine Vorbestellung auf iTunes und Bandcamp beinhaltet den sofortigen Erhalt von vier Songs!

Die vorherhigen Kapitel der Video-Trilogie sind „Warchief“ (Kapitel 1) und „Grazie Governo“ (Kapitel 2).


Weiter heißt es:

With the upcoming release of Grazie Governo, there are seven different vinyl versions available (the PPR version is pictured below), each including two BIG spraypaint stencils and a digital download. In addition, three picture flexis were made to accompany the music video trilogy. They’re in all colored vinyl copies of the records, and also available at local shops, in mailorder, and at various festivals/gigs.

Grazie Governo (Thank You Government) is the album that everyone angry and frustrated with the current political situation has been waiting for. The intelligent and passionate lyrics are backed by the unique, catchy, and creative songwriting that this band is becoming known for. It truly exemplifies the band’s incredible talents and uniqueness, and the energy and commitment that these UK upstarts are turning so many heads with.

The Bar Stool Preachers on Tour:

7/28/2018 – Tufnell Park Dome, UK – Wonkfest
8/2/2018 – Blackpool, UK – Rebellion Festival
8/5/2018 – Somerset, UK – Outcider Festival
8/9/2018 – Winchester, UK – Boomtown Fair
9/13/2018 – Hamburg, DE – Hafenklang
9/14/2018 – Prague, CZ – 007
9/15/2018 – Munich, DE – Backstage