A Pale Horse Named Death: veröffentlichen neue Single „Believe In Something (You Are Lost)“

Album "Infernum In Terra" erscheint am 24.09.2021

A Pale Horse Named Death, die Doom Metal Band um Type O Negative und Life Of Agony Gründungsmitglied Sal Abruscato, hat mit Believe In Something (You Are Lost) die erste Single aus ihrem neuen Studioalbum Infernum In Terra veröffentlicht. Das inzwischen vierte Album der Formation erscheint am 24.09.2021 über Long Branch Records / SPV.
Hier könnt ihr die neue Single Believe In Something (You Are Lost) streamen und das Album Infernum In Terra vorbestellen:

Bandleader Sal Abruscato über die neue Single:
Believe In Something (You Are Lost) is about feeling lost with your emotions and beliefs with the outside world, you’re on the verge of snapping, feeling alone and that’s the moment where you need to dig deep with your self, focus on what makes you feel better, ignore the rest who do not help. In a nutshell believe in your self and you can achieve anything!“


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