Alcatraz Festival 2020: abgesagt

In Belgien stoppt COVID-19 auch das Festival im August


Das Alcatraz Festival im belgischen Kortijk kann 2020 ebenfalls nicht stattfinden. Es waren Bands wie Anthrax, Testament, Dirkschneider, Emperor oder Pentagram im Billing. Hier die Infos vom Veranstalter:

We must all suffer the consequences of the corona issue. This situation is taking a toll on everyone. Forces beyond our control have compelled us to postpone the 2020 edition of the ALCATRAZ festival. Victims of circumstance, we have no choice but to undergo this exceptional situation. Despite our obvious disappointment we fully understand the reasons behind the binding government decisions. Our health is our greatest asset and our No. 1 concern is the safety and well-being of every single member of our ALCATRAZ family: our visitors, partners, crew, suppliers and all performing artists.


For weeks now our team of organisers has been in two minds. There’s the human aspect which, of course, overrides all other considerations. Like the rest of the population we are constantly worried about the health of our family, relatives and loved ones. For others the current pandemic has been having dire financial consequences. The global atmosphere of stress, fear, disease, death and the suffering they bring has made it necessary to take certain decisions in the public interest. After all, under normal circumstances the enthusiasm of our staff and festival-goers is the life blood of this event. At the same time, we hold the unshakeable conviction that we will have to bounce back together. Our initial disappointment soon made way for positive vibes and the mental strength to focus our efforts on the future and to continue to share our passion with the world. We will need to be resilient. People are social beings by nature. We need to feel like we belong, that we are part of a group of like-minded people. We remain convinced that after this period of confinement and the – hopefully permanent – removal of the proverbial ankle bracelet, people will feel a growing urge to have a beer together again and go watch a live show – obviously with full respect of whatever restrictive measures are in place at the time.


We were extremely proud of this year‘s line-up and the countless reactions and the run on tickets these last few months were a clear indication that scores of metalheads felt the same way. This heartens us and we are doing everything in our power to transfer as much of this year’s line-up to next year as possible. Behind the scenes preparations for our 2021 edition were already underway, that’s how these things go nowadays. Based on the names and prospects that are in the pipeline for next year we think we are entitled to be even more ambitious than this year. As a result the 2021 line-up may be a mix of this year’s confirmed acts (as many as possible) with a number of pleasant surprises thrown in. The summer of 2021 is beyond the horizon for now but we look to the future with clenched fists and hope in our hearts. So let the countdown begin…“