As I Lay Dying: neue Single veröffentlicht

Das Quartett As I Lay Dying aus San Diego hat gestern ein  zu ihrer neuen Single Roots Below veröffentlicht. Der Track bleibt dem Sound, für den sie bekannt sind, treu und ist die erste Single, die ursprünglich während der Shaped By Fire-Sessions geschrieben wurde. Seht euch den Visualizer hier an:

Phil Sgrosso erklärt: „Roots Below was a track I initially wrote for the Shaped By Fire album, but at the time we collectively felt it needed more time and attention to develop to its fullest potential. We were finally able to piece it all together along with some other material taken from the Shaped By Fire touring cycle, bundling it all into a deluxe version of the album.  Apart from the studio versions of Roots Below and Destruction Or Strength,’there will be an assortment of live songs captured on tour from 2019 in Europe, several ballad/electronic re-interpretations, a studio version of an instrumental track we wrote exclusively for the live show, an instrumental version of the entire album, as well as some other transitional pieces from our set that we wanted to share as part of this release. This has been a very productive first step towards getting back into the creative zone and beginning to focus on new material for next year.

Heute gibt die Band auch Details zur Deluxe-Edition von Shaped By Fire bekannt, die noch in diesem Jahr erscheinen soll. Bleibt dran für weitere Informationen.

Unten findet ihr die Trackliste der Shaped By Fire Deluxe Edition:

  1. Re-Separation (instrumental)
  2. Roots Below
  3. Destruction Or Strength
  4. My Own Grave (re-interpretation)
  5. Redefined (re-interpretation)
  6. Pre-Shaped By Fire (live intro)
  7. Euphony From Ashes (live outro)
  8. Blinded (Live from Munich)
  9. My Own Grave (Live From Munich)
  10. Burn To Emerge (instrumental)
  11. Blinded (instrumental)
  12. Shaped by Fire (instrumental)
  13. Undertow (instrumental)
  14. Torn Between (instrumental)
  15. Gatekeeper (instrumental)
  16. The Wreckage (instrumental)
  17. My Own Grave (instrumental)
  18. Take What’s Left (instrumental)
  19. Redefined (instrumental)
  20. Only After We’ve Fallen (instrumental)
  21. The Toll It Takes (instrumental)